Carlo Sand Blow Rainbow Beach

Carlo Sand Blow Rainbow Beach offers spectacular 360 degree views of the colored sands, Double Island Point, Tin Can Bay and the Great Sandy Straits.

Carlo Sand Blow

Carlo Sand Blow Rainbow Beach

Carlo Sand Blow is a unique moonscape sand mass which covers several hectares.

It is said that Carlo Sand Blow is named after one of Captain Cook's deck crew.

Carlo Sand Blow has spectacular views and is a must visit while staying in Rainbow Beach.

Carlo Sand Blow is a great place to photograph, especially the sunrise and sunset.

During the day you may get the opportunity to take some great photographs of the hang gliders doing their thing.

How To Get To Carlo Sand Blow

To get to Carlo Sand Blow, you will need to drive to the reservoir at the top of Cooloola Drive.

You will need to walk a short distance through the woodlands to reach Carlo Sand Blow.

Some of the features of Carlo Sand Blow!

Hang Gliders at Carlo Sand Blow

When the conditions are right, you will see hang gliders taking off and landing at Carlo Sand Blow.

The natural thermal drifts of Carlo Sand Blow give the adrenalin seekers an opportunity to enjoy this natural landscape from the sky.

Carlo Sand Blow

Carlo Sand Blow Rainbow Beach

Rainbow Beach

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