Tin Can Bay Tourism Queensland

Tin Can Bay Tourism Queensland is a web page that provides information for the tourists who wish to stay in Tin Can Bay and Cooloola Cove. This little paradise is heaven for those who love fishing and boating.

Tin Can Bay Queensland

Tin Can Bay History

Tin Can Bay is a small seaside town located about 1/2 an hours drive east of Gympie.

Tin Can Bay Tourism Queensland

It seems that the town's name was derived from the indigeous word, "Tuncanbar" (Tun Cun Ba - Big Fish Place), which was thought to refer to the dugongs that frequent the surrounding waters.

It is believed that the processing of dugong was the first industry in Tin Can Bay (1850s) and next came the timber industry (1870s).

It was in the early 1920s that Tin Can Bay became a permanent settlement with the release of 25 blocks by the goverment.

The first shop was opened by Viv Mason in 1932. A school was opened in 1935. By 1945, a fish market was established to market fish caught by local fisherman.

With the discovery of banana prawns (1957) in the Great Sandy Strait, Tin Can Bay developed a thriving seafood industry.

Today, Tin Can Bay still has a seafood industry but it also has a great tourism industry. Tin Can Bay offers recreational fishing for the casual visitor, a pleasant environment for boating, sailing, windsurfing, houseboats and conoeing.

On the Esplanade, you will find a boat ramp, marina, jetty and aquatic equipment for hire. There are plenty of safe places to swim with parks, picnic and barbeque areas. There are playgrounds for the children and scenic walks for visitors.

Tin Can Bay Tourism

Tin Can Bay is well-known for the visitation of wild dolphins. The dolphins are usually seen at Norman Point, which is next to the boat ramp, between 7:30am and 8:00am.

Tin Can Bay Tourism

There are many popular attactions at Tin Can Bay. You will find the Bowls Club, Marina, Golf Course, Tennis Courts, Model Aero Club, Yacht Club, Garden Club, RSL Club, Restaurants and Hotel, Boat Ramps, Skate Park and Playgrounds, Public BBQ and Picnic Facilities, and much more.

Tin Can Bay Accommodation

You will find that there are a range of accommodation options within Tin Can Bay. The options include Bed and Breakfast, Caravan and Tourist Parks, Hotels/Motels, Holiday Units and Apartments and Real Estate Holiday Letting.

Tin Can Bay Restaurants

Tin Can Bay have some great places to enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner. There are restaurants, cafes, take-away and Country Club.

You can check out the Sleepy Lagoon Hotel, Marina Bar & Grill, Temptations by the Water Cafe or Tin Can Bay Country Club.

Tin Can Bay Queensland

Tin Can Bay

Tin Can Bay Tourism

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