Pictures of Fraser Island Maps

Pictures of Fraser Island Maps presents a map of Fraser Island in picture form with all the locations necessary to discover the beauty of Fraser Island.

Pictures of Fraser Island Maps

From the map above, you can see that Lake McKenzie is central to the most popular places on Fraser Island.

Lake McKenzie (see image below) and Lake Birrabeen are the two most visited and photographed lakes on Fraser Island.

Also you will find around this area Dilli Village. You can camp there with powered sites and good amenities. There are some units available too.

Eurong Beach is another place (see map above) where you can stay while holidaying on Fraser Island. You can also get supplies at Eurong.

As you continue to travel up the Eastern side of Fraser Island, you will find several place to stay while holidaying on Fraser Island.

Yidney Rocks is one places you can stay. Yidney Rocks Apartments are found on the ocean side of Fraser Island. These are absolutely beachfront apartments.

A short stroll across the lawns and you are obviously on the beach enjoying the crystal clear water of the Pacific Ocean.

Pictures of Fraser Island Maps

Most visitors to Fraser Island stop to check out the ship wreck of the Maheno (see image of ship wreck below) before journeying onto Indian Head.

Indian Head (see image of Indian Head below) is a coastal headland and a popular landmark on the most easterly point on the island and a must tourist destination. Indian Head is located at one end of Seventy Five Mile Beach

Lake Mckenzie Fraser Island

Indian Head was named by Captain Cook when he passed it on the evening of May 19, 1770.

By climbing Indian Head, you will have 360° views of this beautiful part of the world (see image below). Indian Head is definitely a photographer’s delight as it offers panoramic views of the surrounding beaches.

Indian Heads Fraser Island

When you head inland, you will come to Central Station Fraser Island (see image below). Central Station was once the centre of the forest industry when logging timber was part of the economy of Fraser Island.

Central Station is now a very popular tourist destination for the world which provides visitors and campers with an amazing scenery of flora and fauna within the surrounding rainforests. There is much to see at Central Station and there are several walk tracks to explore the scenery.

Central Station Fraser Island

While on Fraser Island, you will have the opportunity to enjoy some of the best beaches in the world and the crystal clear water of the Pacific Ocean (see image below).

Fraser Island

Fraser Island is laced with untouched freshwater lakes and creeks with some of the world's rarest dune lakes. Fraser Island has around 40 lakes including one half of the world's perched dune lakes. Its lakes and adjoining ocean are home of tortoises, turtles, dolphins, dugongs, and humpback whales.

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